During our travel I started programming a filemaker based database and now it’s getting more and more functions.

I like to do databases and solve problems make it good to use. So now after 11 month of traveling the database can handle this:

  • the database works with fmtouch for the iPhone so you can sync!
  • usually daily information about country, route, altitude of start and endpoint, travel part
  • cycling time, distance, up- and downhill
  • adding elevation profile and gps track
  • weather, overnighting and breakdown information
  • it counts cycling days, other transportation and rest days. Even with combination of like cyling and others transportation (short busride between), crossing a border 40% cycling first country and 60% the second and so on.
  • all finance with first budget, either by travel part or more detailed by travel part and country.
  • categories of finance: food, hosting, misc., short transportation, far transp., activities, acquirement and costs at home like taxes or insurance (this is separated from the travel part)
  • control of budget, actual and expansion for the rest days by travel part or either detailed by country.
  • control of average costs of all categories.
  • html export detailed list of each day sorted by country or just a country total
    (selecting countries to export) like these records
  • possibility to export each field in a excel file and much more formats

May you figured out – that’s not my first language ;-), so I didn’t like to translate all the fields, tables, scripts, list and so on… if you see mistakes, feel free and tell me or don’t mind! 😉

If anybody is interested let me know and I’ll send you the filemaker file and may if there are some people more, I’ll write a documentation… but so far it’s good for people who are not afraid of computer and may know how to work with filemaker.

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